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Musing: February Retrospective

Dear Readers,

In continuing my catch-up on the past months, here is the February retrospective.

My writing in February was a mix of snowy weather, such as Snow Bird and Warmer Together, reflections on relationships that had left or were never coming, such as Still Hoping and Morpheus, and even a reflection on Bukowski (which I’d like to revisit more), in Bottled Recollections.

In February also, two of the top 10 (and 1 just outside it) were experimental poems—Couplet of War, Ode in This Moment, and Landays Impasse. For the most part I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing one new type of poem each week. It’s probably a random comparison, but I’ve been watching the show Ink Master, and one of the messages from the judges consistently is that being a master isn’t about doing what you are already doing well, but showing that you can do everything well, which of course strengthens the fundamentals of what you’re already doing. I feel like doing types of poetry that are out of my comfort zone are helping me develop and grow as a writer, and it seems like others enjoy the stretching also.

If you’re looking for it, that’s going to be my writerly advice this week—stretch. Write something that is unfamiliar to you, it will force you to think about your fundamentals and help you identify areas that you might need to work on.

The top poems from February

1.Still Hoping
2.Warmer Together
3.Out to the Hazelwood
4.Snowbird in Winter
5.Bottled Recollections
6.Couplet of War
9. Ode in this Moment
10. Felt Hours
Top 10 Poems in February

I also published four short stories in February…

1.Lonely Companion
3.God of the Glen
4.Looking for Something
Top 4 Stories

Leave a comment and let me know what some of your favorites were.

I also appreciate the help you all give from sharing my posts, thank you!

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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