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Poem: Ode in this Moment

Time claims all fools who rebel
Against its tireless march 
     Rebel we must
     Rebel we will

Raging for the one thing
That transcends the ages
      Stories of love for the ages
      Stories for love for us

A promise offered in words 
A promise bound in gold
     With the words I do
     With the words I love you

There is no telling where the story ends
When we are writing each day
     Each day we will write it
     Each day we will make the most of it

One day when we are not here anymore
Hopefully they will tell stories about us
     How much we loved
     How love is supposed to be

Today and today never tomorrow
And tomorrow’s that will never come
     Now is what we have
     Now is what we will never waste

Today’s experimental poem is inspired by Horatian Ode.

For more information about this poetry form click here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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