Short Stories

Longer form creative writing based on individual inspirations and prompts.

In addition to poetry, I like to indulge in longer form writing when I have a chance. My writing inspiration is a mix of internal interest and occasionally external prompts that interest me.

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Poem: Found Picture of Grey

he fascinated many
a social gentleman
curious about rumored
foreign thieves and mysteries of trade
extraordinary he whisper
with cold eyes
determined to discover slights

Short Story: Standing on an Empty Street Without Direction

Lena breathed in the chilly night air.

It was the hour of the morning when the previous night’s mistakes lingered but hadn’t taken root into full-blown regrets.
She looked up the street.

Then down the street

Then back to me sitting on the stoop, head in hands, fighting off the oncoming hangover.

Short Story: Interlude to a Departure

“The fire escape is rusty,” Henry said.

“It always had been since we started sitting out here at age thirteen,” Jess responded.

“Five years on, other things have changed. The rising sun is threatening to take you. You’ll go, I’ll never see you again.”

“I won’t forget you.”

“Is what they always say.”

Short Story: Fool for Love

Marching on the stage with a tumble and bow, springing to his feet with a smile, Taddeo revels in their cheers.

At least that’s the image he wants to sell to the gathered court. He sings for his supper and his hijinks keep him alive. No one in the crowd recognizes the previously wealthy business man Tonio behind the caked on make-up.

A merchant of the town, selling fine fabrics and rich silks, that royalty from the world around came to see. Each one he addressed with respect and professional distance until he met her—Princess Nedda.

Speechless, he bowed to her and kissed her hand even knowing it was forbidden. Even knowing the prince’s jealousy of his beautiful wife.


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