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Poem: Still Hoping

I packed my bags and sat in the car
With the engine idling and me thinking 
About global warming while waiting
To see if you’d show up laughing
Bags in hand sun hat on ready
For some big adventure 
Like we always talked about
In joking tones both teasing
Knowing that flight for us
Wasn’t an option beyond
Those big dreams we sold each other
With elaborate plans for some destination
Beyond the mundane places
Where we circle around and around
In a day to day that was too small
For the big things we knew
That we could do if only
Those ties that bind hadn’t bound us
In different directions like planets
Held to the sun by gravity orbiting
In the same sky never to touch

I turn off the car and take my keys
Knowing there’s no point in waiting
For a moment that will never come

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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