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Poem: LandaysImpasse

There is a Cold War between our lips
With neither of us willing to speak truth to power

Days go by one chasing another
With a silence filling the gaps where our words should be

Both preferring to preserve the truce
That keeps the peace and keeps us as willing prisoners

Like when we once longed for each other
Now longing for one to speak and end the stalemate

We are waiting like pacing tigers
Neither of us is brave enough to face loneliness 

We sit wallowing in despair
Not today we say silently across battle lines 

Maybe tomorrow in the sunlight
Something will finally break the impasse between us

This weeks experimental poem is a type of poetry from Afghanistan called a Landays. In each couplet the first line is 9 syllables followed by a 13 syllable line.

To learn more about this type of poem click here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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