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Reflections on the world captured in poetry, writing, photograpy, and philosophy

My goal is to post a poem a day every day through 2021. Along with the poems I’ll periodically post short stories, photos I’ve taken, and thoughts I may have. I hope that my writing inspires others to their own creativity.

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The fire smolders distant in the East
Ignorant of the sparks here
Trying to ignite the night
In a competition with the stars

New Horizons

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New Horizons
Five days since touchdown and watching the Earth rise in the distance framed by Phobos and Deimos still amazes her.
At the beginning of the journey there was quick hugs and tears as her parents pushed her into the last transport off the planet.
The asteroid was coming and there was not going to be time to save everyone. Somehow she was one of the lucky few.


In lonely hours I walk
Passing among the people
Who do not seem bothered
By how alone they are
And find some solace
In this I know companions


I do not like punctuation
In writing or life
Those structures that stop
Pause and contract
They frame what is said
Separating it from thoughts
Instead of being a complete pair


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March 2021

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