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Poem: From a Payphone at 4th and Pine

There’s a pay phone on the corner
Of fourth and pine that I used to call
You collect from on days when I was
Wandering this city alone and thinking
Of you in a red sundress all laughter
And curls bouncing when your playing
With my emotions like I was just another
One of your toys when I really needed
You to be there for me when I was spinning
In this big world of ours and I was asking
Too much of you to be an anchor for me
When I was in a place where I couldn’t
Ground myself to be the person I needed
To be and I’ve grown up since then I think
I’m becoming who I am supposed to be
A man who I would want you to know
With a quarter in my pocket I wonder
If that old phone still works and if I dialed
Your number would you still answer
With wonder in your voice about me
Somewhere out in America chasing
All my big dreams I told you about so late
At night when your mother thought you
Were sleeping but you were up keeping
Me company on a payphone in the rain
Washing away all the distance between us
Until you were washed away in your own way
Holding a quarter between thumb and finger
I let it go like I let you go knowing that 
If I dialed the phone would ring and ring 
Until I hung up returning the quarter to me
In a way that I can never get you to return

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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