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Poem: There She Waits as the Wind Gently Cries

A girl in red stands on hillside
as the wind gently cries
it blows drying her tears
as the wind gently cries

She watches for boats at sea
as the wind gently cries
watching for a single ship
as the wind gently cries

Poem: Walking Down an Old Pier Still Changing

Walking down the old pier at sunset
In the shadows of twilight I see
Ghosts sitting at the waters edge
Toes dipped into water cool for May
The heat of summer still months off
Still they linger with toes going numb
Talking and laughing over cups of coffee
Hoping the caffeine will keep them going
Until the earth eclipses the moon

Poem: The Living Part One

She holds a hand wrinkled by age
A long the sand cooling I sunset
While younger couples run by
Hand in hand laughing between kisses
Reminding her of a young blond
In a polka dotted bikini at the beach
On spring break in nineteen seventy one