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Poem: A Fall Day Precipitating Leaving

From the rooftop, we watch the lights in the buildings wink—off for those heading home and on for those coming home. Below our feet, the lights of our respective apartments are on. 

We are home. At least for the moment. 

I read the letter in my hands again. The rain that is beginning leaving big wet splotches from fat raindrops on the paper. The message is still clear: It’s a congratulations on admission for you. 

I didn’t apply anywhere. Never was smart enough for school. Never was smart enough for you. The poetry I wrote I thought would be enough to capture your heart. 

You taught me that hearts are too big to fit in a cage. 

blooms are cyclical
beautiful temporary 
in patience returns

A haibun prompt from Frank over at dVerse on going back to school.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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