Poem: Epic Road Trip

Clouds shaded pink
As the dawning eye of the sun
Glares at them not ready
To fully light the world

With his own half shut eyes
He checks his bags one last time
All the necessities
Clothes snacks and Sartre
Traveling companions on the journey
Into the west and maybe further
Into discovery
The hour has arrived
To say farewells
To no one who waits
In the empty streets

As has always been
On the road
On his own
On and on

The rusty wings
Of car doors close
Preparing to take off
To parts unknown
Following asphalt
Onto four lane interstates
As long as he can tolerate them
Until the call of adventure
Overwhelms the sense of safety
Offered by those faces less souls
Rolling on along side the highway

Miles pass as the shadows disappear
In the midday sun to grow long
As the sun traverses
Westward toward the horizon
Boredom sets in as the call to adventure
Rises louder than the mixtape
Blaring from the speakers
From someone who once cared for him
On a long and lonesome highway
East of Omaha
On a course to a journey
Known by heart
Because no map leads the wheel
Only the impulse that calls
Follow me

Follow me into verdant forests
Follow me into sleepy deserts
Follow me into sun covered beaches
Follow me

Where ever the road goes on and on
Until sleep weighs heavy
On lonesome eyes seeking rest
The comfort of a pillow and blanket
And novel on a worn backseat
Sleep doesn’t take long
To swallow consciousness

Away into dreams
Faces from places he once knew
Left behind in lost hours
And the dreamer wonders
Do they think of me
As I think of you
And one particular you moves
To the front of the others
It’s always you
That’s in my dreams

Interrupted by the heat of the day
The sun is higher than he meant for it to be
Sleep falls from tired eyes
As the moment has come
To continue on towards

Days on through sage
Mountains towering interruptions
To paths forced to slow down
As they wrap around history
His story unfolds
Highways giving way
To two lane roads without signs
Or directions
No instructions or plans
In these moments
It’s time for instincts to lead
To challenges or victory
On and on
Over and over
The road is just like heaven
Spinning on that dizzy edge
Of right now and the sirens call
Of those who were left behind
Like the road
Always forward
Never backwards

These strange roads
Have lead to familiar places
Where one lone headlight
Illuminates an empty swing set
The drive-in showing a movie
He watched here with
No one
No one memory would deter
This quest for freedom
A concept that he believed
Could be caught
As the car chases it out of this town

The gates to threshold draw near
Freezing the odyssey
In red brake lights
Casting a beacon over the scene
Allowing a single glance
At the bedroom window
At the edge of town
Lamp lit by a hand once held
Until it held him down
Absolving the brakes
Of their transgression
The accelerators sinks to the floor

All that glittered fades
In the rear view mirror

Another night
Another dream
Sleep came disturbed
With reflections of the past
A face skipping across memory
Rolling like ripples across the water
That floated on
From thought to thought
From thought to feeling
From feeling to awakening
The moon still hung high
Though it was time to go

Somewhere in some backwater town
The miles and hours stopped mattering
Replaced with the mantra
I’m all that I have
And all that I have is right now
And right now I am here
Right where I am supposed to be
As it is the only place I can be
Though it was time to go

Gas and cash ran out
In a place where the breeze was sweet
Salty and warm in late September
The trusty chariot cold rusting
Where it finds its final resting place
With bag in hands
Soles on the ground
One foot in front of the other
To end end of town
Where asphalt met wood
And wood met water
The boats were returning

He rested
Allowing that there was no where
Else to go beyond
The path that ended here

For now

Taking in the sounds of diesel engines
And sea gulls squawking for their dinner
Toes touching to cool water
Fish nibbling at them
Lungs filling with the air of twilight
Ears filling with a voice

A familiar voice

And she was
Lying in the grass
His world was moving
And she was
Right there with it
Right there with him

A journey of thousands of miles
Plotted on whim
And he was found

He was found
As he did not see himself
On the journey of insight
He was blind
The random turns and roads
Were not random
He was following his heart

Though he broke hers
She still knew his heart
Better than himself

With no guide
Other than her knowledge
Of five years together
Two apart
And all the miles
And miles
Miles that she traveled
After feeling the familiar call
Leading her eyes to the street
Where a rusty orange VW idled
Under the halo of a street lamp
A moment long enough
For recognition
Of the vessel that held them
Close in adventure
Before restlessness drove him
On to other destinations

Where ever here was
At the end of the road
The edge of the continent
Vast distances from where he started
With her here

He felt like he had returned

This week’s experimental poem is an Epic. Read more about this poetry form by clicking here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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