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Poem: Vagrant Spirituality

I met Jesus today underneath a bridge
We sat in the fire light of the burning refuse
Talking about sinning and salvation 
What it feels like to bear the cross of expectation
And the freedom that comes from laying it down
Buddha stepped in from the shadows 
Tossing his two cents into the conversation
On moving past the concepts of good and evil 
To be a seeker of our own enlightenment 
Through making meaning by being in the moment
To which Dionysus responded putting down his wine
That pleasure is the only thing that matters
When all that we each have to look forward to is dust
Each nodded in agreement with the others points
That none of it really mattered except what mattered
To the walking shadows trying to become 
Something more than food for worms 
In an ouroboros of meaningless existence

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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