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Poem: Arthur

Fates be blind
still in the dark
they still do find
courageous souls

With word and shield
he lead his men
battle in field
their glory won

Many years hence
will they still sing
praise his defense
of motherland

Rest now hero
we remember
even now though
you’ve passed the vail 

Great son of fate
our champion
our greatest once
and future king

I took the opportunity to respond to Saana’s panegyric poetry prompt over at d’Verse. I also thought I’d link to another panegyric poem that I’d wrote previously–In Praise of Beauty.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “Poem: Arthur

  1. This is incredibly potent! I love how you have begun with reference to “fates be blind,”.. it is a gorgeous, gorgeous opening that leads further into the depth of this poem. Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt. 💝💝

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  2. That is some huge sword in stone! Is it at Tintagel? I think the world has adopted King Arthur as the epic hero, thanks I expect mainly to T.E. White. Your poem evokes that wonderfully.

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