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Poem: In Praise of Beauty

Her love is elusive
Like dew on grass
In that tender moment
Before Selene gives way
To Apollo’s chariot

Her skin is like marble
Without flaw in its perfection
As if carved by hand
Of Athena herself
As a masterwork

Her voice is like a melody
Of the cool creek
Singing the hymn of the nymphs
Babbling over glistening rocks
Whipping into rapids

Her passion strikes
Hitting like a lightening bolt
Thrown from Zeus himself
Rendering the recipient
Speechless in its wake

To be loved by her
Is to know god indescribable
Where words do pale justice
Trying to encapsulate
Her which is divine

This weeks experimental poetry is a Panegyric, and you can read more on the form here. I think I missed the mark as a poem praising beauty more than a public eulogy, I leaned more on the effusive praise reading of the definition.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “Poem: In Praise of Beauty

  1. Love this especially; “Her voice is like a melody/Of the cool creek/Singing the hymn of the nymphs/Babbling over glistening rocks/Whipping into rapids.” Exquisitely drawn 💝💝


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