Poem: History Road

Standing on the banks of a dirt brown river
Looking back at the road already traveled
And contemplating where the next one
Might lead us as I reach out searching
For her hand to take it in mine she pulls
Away and walks to the sandy banks picking
Rocks up trying to skip them on the water
To disrupt the smooth flow of the tide
Trying again for her hand she steps away
Shaking her head as she stays focused
On the moving river gathering thoughts
Now just throwing in stone aimlessly
Don’t go down that road that road has history
She said walking down the banks away from
Where we had been standing together
Where I still stood with my hands thrust into
Empty pockets holding air holding my ground
As she walked away in a new direction and
I was left contemplating to follow or turn away
As going back was clearly not an option

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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