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Poem: Repeat

The needle skips 
And skips
And skips
Until I put it back in the groove
That old vinyl has been playing
The same song since you left
Because I can’t bring myself to change
The tune that’s warm and familiar
It reminds me of you on each revolution
Even as your scent has faded
Your voice has become a half recalled echo
The last touch has grown cold
That song still plays

Until is skips
And skips
And skips
Until I find the motivation to rise
Up from the couch
To set it straight
Like some metaphor going around
And around
And round
Playing that song I love
That only keeps playing
If I put in the effort to fix it
Because it’s no longer perfect 
We were no longer perfect

That doesn’t mean our song had to stop
I could’ve fixed it
Knowing that I could’ve fixed it
Has left me broken
Alone with my thoughts
That keep going around
And around
And around

No matter how many times
I play those old memories on repeat
With the heat and the rising crescendo
The crashing arguments
Kissing and making up to do it all again
It’s the same song over
And over
And over
No matter how many times
I play it on repeat
The duration never changes
It still ends on the same final note
The outro goodbye
And goodbye
And bye

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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