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Poem: Breaking the Distance too Impossible

Out here on the edge 
Where moon cast shadows
Marks the passage of time
From yesterday to today to tomorrow
In that space my thoughts wander
Where I think of you
I think I can see you

Barefoot in your sundress
Twirling like the galaxies above
Creating your own gravity
So strong it pulls me near
I’m like a planet turning
Hanging on by fingertips
In your wild orbit

Where we exist in the infinite
Where time means nothing at all
Where everything was possible
Until it wasn’t and I was lost

Adrift in space
That you left

On moonlight nights
I like to search 
The deepest parts
Of the universe
To see if I can catch a glimpse
Of you somewhere out there
Close enough still
That I could break the distance
That exists permanent

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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