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Poem: No More Trains That Go Nowhere

There was a time when you could escape
On trains headed west as far as the rails could go
Dropping you at the edge of western civilization 
Now all the rails end at metropolis bright and buzzing
Full of all the colorful people that populate this world
End to end to end with all of their full color lives
When sometimes all you want is the black and white
Shadows and light of the world of one person
Facing the depth of loneliness with a smile of content
Far from the maddening streets of people connecting 
In gigabytes per second transversing kilometers in less time 
Than it takes a neuron to connect one thought to another
The sizzle and pop of firing handoffs flying
Without slowing to make sense of what was passed
Between handshake and handshake to thoughtless head nod
I want to be in the great empty where there is no connection
Other than hand on heart connecting head to sou
In the desert of spirituality where I can kill the modern mortal coil
To rise ascendant like steam from the earth fallen and risen pure
Transcendent and electric and connected to no one
But the only person who matters most myself

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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