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Poem: Three Boxes

When a box of bullets is cheaper than food
The lines between a good and evil blur
Through hungry eyes that starve for justice
My people clamor for succor at the well
Once full of plentiful waters now being drained
By a few with headline names putting up fences
Around the places where we all used to play
Staking out selfish claims with fences of money
That to the common person seem so tangible
The disparity between have and have-nots is accepted
By all the temporarily embarrassed millionaires
Muttering in their poverty that someday They will be there
Working hard enough and long enough to grab bootstraps
When they don’t even have a horse to saddle
Blind to the fact that the race was rigged from go
They fighting for scraps from the gilded plates 
While they starve peacefully in undignified suffering
The morsels that are cast down get smaller still
The fences grow ever higher pushing further back
The people from the necessities as they look to their boxes

The soap box 
        First shouting into the uproar
The ballot box next 
        Disenfranchised and ignored
The ammo box is last 
        Knocking loudly on the final door
                When a box of bullets is cheaper than food

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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