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Poem: She Sings

She sings when things are good
She cries when they are bad
Her mood reflects her world
That she wears upon her sleeve
To let the rest of the world know
How to revolve around her

When she sings the birds sing
Their sweet song matching hers
To show that all is right 
To the worlds at large
Right as the rain falling
That I find myself standing

Listening as she sings
The joy that has entered
Filling her soul with the light
Of a love that brings her flowers
To fill her days with all the colors
I could not bring her

Lips tremble as she sings
Listening for the words to waiver
In a sign that she’s not happy
And that the blues are next
On the playlist that streams
Through her life

As she sings for better days
The song is not for me
I had my lines in her song
Where we skipped a beat
And she did not want to sing
Our song any longer

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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