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Poem: By the Moon

She swears by the moon
That she’ll love me forever
And I know in that moment
She’s just like the moon
Changing forever
But damn I love her so much
I’ll take whatever
Promises she’s offering
Even if she’ll never keep them
I’ll buy each little lie
Keeping it in a jar
Like a firefly light
Burning and fading
Dying a bit day by day
But I’ll treasure it always
Because you swore on it
One night when you kissed me
In the bruise purple of twilight
When I knew it was impossible
For this night to last forever
Though I swore to you then
And still mean it now
I would have kidnapped all the stars
To make sure that night never ended
Now I’m just collecting thoughts
On a written page filled with nets
Trying to capture those fireflies
With their slowly dying light
To catch once more that spark
That you brought into my life
All your promises like falling stars
Full of wishes but burning out
Before they ever come true
You’re still my shooting star
Even when you’ve gone
Streaking off to some far off destination

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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