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Poem: Paths That Don’t Lead Home

Home wasn’t calling to me

Whispers of words pulled me
Down old roads where we used to ride
With you by my side under the moonlight
Hands held over the console and singing
Songs by Tom Petty and Springsteen
On repeat as we cruised down to the bay
To a place where we could watch the city
From a distance pretending we were outsiders
Without you here I feel like an outsider
Watching the lights of the city twinkle
Like all the stars we could not see
Making wishes into the nothingness
Hoping that one of them might catch
An unseen falling star carrying it on
To where ever lovers wishes might go
I think we missed all of our shots
Sitting out here on my hood all alone
Recollecting a collection of moments
That would only make sense in pairs
Without you they feel incomplete
Like an intended echo that responds
With only silence yet you wait

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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