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Poem: Falling Away

The sky is the color of a bruise
Deep purple and swelling
Across a darkening horizon
Where the lights are coming on 
On a city full of my ghosts
As I drive home across the bridge
Over the green river flowing
Where twilight is my only company
And it’s on its way home too 
Leaving me in the dark here again
Thinking about the lights still on
Burning bright at your house 
Leaving me wondering if you’re out
Looking at the same purple sky as me
Watching the taillights in the valley
Wondering if one of them is mine
Flashing in darkness a momentary pause
On the furtive leaving we just did 
When we left each other’s arms
The silence of a chilling fall night
Filling up the space we found between us
I wish it so badly to throw the car in reverse
Driving backwards the way I came
Returning to you instead of heading away
Even though we agreed it’s better this way
It doesn’t feel better this way
It just feels like we’re falling away

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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