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Poem: One of an Infinite Number of Summers

The smell of fresh cut grass
Hot dogs grilling and chlorine
On wet bikini clad bodies
All the trappings of summer
Days spent wasted on love
That wasn’t going anywhere
Past the beach baked sands
Boardwalks ferris wheel rides 
Despite all the moon promises
That this was perfection found
And maybe it was a lie we told
Or one we believed in moments
Of young sun washed madness 
Even still maybe there was truth
In those words whispered in faith
As all these years on those days
Still burn like the summer sun
Among other recollections faded
With age and distance disappearing
There’s still a girl there in her bikini
Candy red lipstick cotton candy
Sticking to lips eagerly awaiting
A visit again from that blonde boy
Who told her he’d always remember
Her that day and now gray he still does
In both depths of winter and on days
When the grill is going the kids laughing
And everywhere there are the trappings
Of another perfect summer arising

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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