Poem: Turnabout

Write out your pain for me

I want to see you bleed on
The page the way I have
Bled for you and your art
I want to know the shadows
Kept in the dark corners
Hidden away for an image
Of strength that is false
Like the love you pledged
To me while you watched
My suffering detached
As if you didn’t hurt too
In ways that could comfort
The pain I felt deep inside
Instead standing watching
Us drift apart as a rift grew
Between my suffering and
Your indifference to it
Now you write these letters
Calling your muse back
To you in your loneliness
And she says no to you
Agonize in isolation like me
Who now delights in words
Of your pain and maybe
I can empathize with you
With detached emotions
There is some joy in seeing
Someone breaking down
Right in front of your eyes

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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