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Poem: Dancing on the Wind

She beckons you come near
Like a woman with no fear
Throwing her arms open wide
Twirling away under the fluttering
Shadows and light she’s gathering
In her dress as it’s flowing along
Catching her movement in fabric
The essence of motion she shows
All the reasons the world loves her
Dancing like a wind-up toy without
A care in the world carried on 
The wind lifts and lowers her as if
She’s weightless out here on the wire
Carried along like a leaf drifting by
Currents unseen trailing along until
She disappears again somewhere
Far off on the distant horizon 
The ballerina of oblivion pirouetting
To the music of the world that only
She can hear as others watch 
The smiling girl lost in confusion 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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