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Poem: Kilmarnock

By the clock it was 5:43 am
On a Tuesday in summer
We had driven all night
Breaking the speed limit
To get to the coast by dawn

Sitting on the hood of your car
Watching as night gave way
To the rising day
The stars disappearing
Almost imperceptibly
The same way your hand moved
Imperceptibly Into mine in a moment
Of distraction in the morning
Where one more beautiful thing
Was lost in the present

You kissed me then
And laughed

Letting my hand go as you walked
Calf deep in the brackish water
Breaking on the shore

I asked what was that for

It was for nothing but a memory
One more thing to remember
This fleeting adventure by
One more thing to make it complete

You knew I liked my moments perfect

I stayed on the hood of the car
Watching you twirl and kick waves
As the tide rolled in moved
By the pull of the moon
Laughing in a way that fit
Bordering on ecstasy and lunacy
Until the day was in full bloom
Chasing away the moon dreams
Of the night before that brought us
Here to this shore miles from home

In those hours too early
To be called morning
To late to be night
I think of you there
Wondering if you still think of me
Or if like those other impulsive moments
You were there then
And then like the wave
Swirling back into the sea
Leaving no trace
That you were ever there at all

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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