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Poem: Reflections of the Flower Moon

Daylight fades into what would seem to be another night. Sitting in the sand with a half drank bottle of wine between us. I was feeling it so I knew you must be feeling it. I was thinking about kissing you. Back then I didn’t wonder as much about what other people were thinking.

Poem: Lena-Go-Round

Lena toes the edge
Of a rusty fire escape
Saying she’s ready to go
With her I’m never sure
If she’s thinking of packing
Or if she’s thinking of jumping
She’s like the tilt-a-whirl
Always spinning around
And I’m always ready
With my ticket for the ride

Short Story: Interlude to a Departure

“The fire escape is rusty,” Henry said.

“It always had been since we started sitting out here at age thirteen,” Jess responded.

“Five years on, other things have changed. The rising sun is threatening to take you. You’ll go, I’ll never see you again.”

“I won’t forget you.”

“Is what they always say.”

Poem: Redheaded Lady of the Pines

There’s a red headed beauty waiting
On the outskirts of town out past the pines
Patiently swaying to music in the moonlight
Calling my name telling me to leave it all behind
Barefoot in blue jeans we dance in the clearings
Out in the shadows beyond the bonfire light