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Poem: World Song

The song of the world sings to me
In sweet whispers and terrible roars
And I listen rising on tides riding on air
The plunging and soaring completes
The experience of being fully present
In nothingness and letting go to be
A single note in the world song

Poem: The Living Part One

She holds a hand wrinkled by age
A long the sand cooling I sunset
While younger couples run by
Hand in hand laughing between kisses
Reminding her of a young blond
In a polka dotted bikini at the beach
On spring break in nineteen seventy one

Poem: Walking Away

I see the wild flowers
Showing that it’s spring
I see you with you arms stretched skyward
I know that you’ll be leaving soon

We had some good times
While you were here with me
Being a good lover
I know it’s time for you to be free