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Poem: Shadows of Ancient Moonlight

the moon plays interesting tricks
casting shadows that are lighter
than their midday counterparts
cast by the heat of the sun burning
into harsh shapes clearly defined
versus the cool soft shadows
of high moon in the evening

Poem: Lounge

On the stage under hot lights
Sits the old grand piano
Older than her great grandparents
Who would’ve never made it in the door
On the club where she stands now
Leaning against old grand
Hair falling down to her shoulders
Body hugged in a cardinal red dress
Her lungs filling with whispy smoke
With her red lips making love
To the mesh of the microphone

Poem: Couplet of War

The sound of horse hooves gallop across plains
As the boys with their trumpets play their refrains
In their gleaming metal armor polished bright
Charge rows and rows of the mounted knights
Forward on in martial order towards the rising sun