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Poem: Searching for Identity

Removing mask after mask Peeling away the layers and Years of pretending she did To appease them and to fit in Searching under search for The girl who first put on The first mask that had an Askew smile that hid the tears And then she added one who Was always interested in what HeContinue reading “Poem: Searching for Identity”


Poem: A Girl Calm in Turmoil

Mina is the girl all the boys talk about
She’s the one that fills their dreams
And makes other girls doubt who
They are in moments in her presence
No one sees her when she’s alone
With all of her thoughts circling
About her brain like vultures waiting
To swoop and pick apart the remains

Poem: Bottled Recollections

Tossing beer cans into the canal
Not worrying about the consequences
As young and reckless as we were
Watching the water rush by
Talking about our adventures
Women who we had been with
Times we should have died
Since we last talked