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Poem: The Mock Epic of Blond Beard

The seven seas had never seen such a terror
As blond beard the first pirate of Nebraska
He had applied his pirating skills
Selling his yard sale finds on eBay
To fund his pirate ship the Emma Lee
A beauty of steel of polymer
With patches of bright white
Seats for two and off board motor
That once ran and would run again
Once he got permission from the missus

Poem: Refugee

Cold walls enclose them
In a way a mother’s arms should
Their suffering wails go unheeded
By fathers in black uniforms
Who are uncaring guardians
Of children who fled homes
Seeking shelter from violence
To find safety in a distant country

Poem: God’s Chosen Chattel

In the valleys and fields
Mountain homes and other
Far flung places
Away from the coasts
The urban areas where ideas
Are exchanged by the multitude
They gather in the enclaves
In little white churches
Praying to a god who left