Poem: There She Waits as the Wind Gently Cries

A girl in red stands on hillside
as the wind gently cries
it blows drying her tears
as the wind gently cries

She watches for boats at sea
as the wind gently cries
watching for a single ship
as the wind gently cries

Poem: Shepherding in the Pastoral

Before highways there was the shepherd
Tending to his flocks on the verdant green
Then the pavement and cars came
Rushing by him without ever being seen

They came and flattened the hills
Carved the mountains into dust

Poem: The Situation as it Stands

Two packets of sugar sit between us
Coffee gone cold like the conversation
Neither raising what we need to discuss
Each being held back by reservation
This an unfamiliar hesitation
When we loved each other we loved freely

Poem: Reflections of the Flower Moon

Daylight fades into what would seem to be another night. Sitting in the sand with a half drank bottle of wine between us. I was feeling it so I knew you must be feeling it. I was thinking about kissing you. Back then I didn’t wonder as much about what other people were thinking.

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