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Poem: Whole

all of our pieces broken and put back again can never make whole the gestalt can be greater than the sum total of parts This week’s experimental poem is a renga; I wrote the first 3 lines and a friend wrote the 2 line response. You can read more about this poetry form by clickingContinue reading “Poem: Whole”

Poem: The Wishing Hour

The wishing hour Is those rare hours Between sunset And moonrise darkness Where wishing stars Can be seen The wishing hour Is when I found you Lonely in a field waiting But for what Was it for me The wishing hour She said to me Is when I feel hopeful Sending wishes To the heavenContinue reading “Poem: The Wishing Hour”

Poem: Lonely Halls with Echos of Plans

In rooms where guests used to congregate in I sit alone
With my thoughts focused on the notable absence of you
Whose angelic voice would fill up these hollow halls with song
Where the people would dance and marvel at the spectacle