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Poem: Mysterious Beauty

The fall always about brings changes
Such as the day’s weather getting cooler
The deciduous trees giving up their bounty
We walk with shuffling feet in an afternoon
That a few weeks ago would’ve been bright
With the sun high now in September early
Shadows hang long dragging a reflection
Of our feelings as we trudge meaninglessly

Short Story: Looking for Something

A hand with painted nails caresses the wall in the dark before finding the light switch. Fluorescent lights flicker on, casting the entire room in the whitest of white lights. No shadows tread under their radiance.

With swaying hips, her presence fills the sparse room that smells of sweet perfumes and sin.

At the far end of the space, antique furniture made by an artisan’s loving hand, arranged in a semicircle. There was a trunk of deep mahogany with crushed velvet lining, an ornately carved wardrobe made of solid walnut, a painted vanity splayed with beauty products, and a perfectly polished full-length mirror.

The keepers of her treasures awaited their mistress to explore their depths.