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Poem: This Magic Moment

This Magic Moment by The Drifters is playing
On the beat up jukebox in the corner
That still takes quarters and plays records
“This magic moment so different and new”
Crones out Ben E. King to bored listeners
In a place that hasn’t seen magic in years

Short Story: Detective, Hunter

He exhales smoke from his nose, meditating on the length of ash that extends past the filter of the cigarette in his stained hands. Finally returning from his mental sojourn he taps the ash into the ashtray before crushing out the cigarette. The throbbing beat that he can feel in his bones calls his attention back to the stage.

Some young waif is covering her chest while collecting the dollars on the stage the unwashed perverts had thrown at her.

On some nights he’d be one of those unwashed perverts. Tonight he was on duty.