Poem: A Lonely Drive with Memories

As I drive these winding mountain roads
With an empty passenger seat
My mind goes to all my travels before
In every memory there’s always girl
Riding shotgun next to me laughing
Singing at the top of our lungs to a song
Windows down and hand on her thigh
Knowing there’s a destination ahead

Short Story: Fate of Brasov Station

The exploration of the solar system had been a boon for humanity. It opened up colonizing Mars and asteroid harvesting in the belts of both inner and outer space, solving the problems of scarcity of resources and overpopulation. As humanity’s presence in space increased, they went forward with their typical egocentric focus thinking they were the only sentient beings in the universe.

In 2062 the remote exploration scout class ship Stoker found a ship they designated Arkivol I orbiting near Saturn. Inside they found twenty humanoid bodies in a cold stasis.

The crew brought them on board the Stoker and found that they were in an advanced stasis; their blood levels well below what humans would consider normal levels. When other attempts to revive the beings from the Arkivol failed, Doctor Renfield, chief medical officer of the Stoker, tried a human plasma infusion to awaken the life forms.

It worked; Doctor Renfield’s infusion revived the crew of the Arkivol.

“There were routine logs entered by Lieutenant Renfield for most of the rest of the journey. He reported an illness spreading across the ship until he and the crew of the Arkivol were the only ones remaining. The ships logs of the Stoker end about a week before they arrived at Brasov station, sir,” the ensign said. He stood at attention across from the glass desk, watching the man sitting behind it, waiting for further instructions. “Captain Harker?”

Short Story: New Horizons

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New Horizons
Five days since touchdown and watching the Earth rise in the distance framed by Phobos and Deimos still amazes her.
At the beginning of the journey there was quick hugs and tears as her parents pushed her into the last transport off the planet.
The asteroid was coming and there was not going to be time to save everyone. Somehow she was one of the lucky few.

Poem: Immortal Quest

In a place that lives in stories
Buried in dusty tomes
Written in ancient languages
Beyond the shifting sands
Lies the object of her desire
Deep in a temple nearly forgot

With staff in hand summoning
To her companions from the inn
Bold warrior from the west
Elfin prince from beyond the mountains
Bearded dwarf maiden from the deep
Towards untold perils they set out

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