Poem: Alamo

Famous last stands On battlefields  Where righteous justice flows In the veins of each warrior Bracing to sacrifice themselves To a dream they were sold Nourished by blood Of kin or enemies To be tread upon by history As winners or losers In memories calling Up their ghosts as proof Of something Though the feetContinue reading “Poem: Alamo”

Musing: A Brief Musing On The Origins Of This Project

The goal is to build the habit of writing on the regular again.

What can you expect?

As the header says, Musing & Creating. I’ve been writing for the past 25 years (or somewhere thereabout), so you can probably expect some words. I also like photography, so I’ll likely share some pictures of adventures. I’ve been a counselor for over 15 years, so I will hopefully bring some insight into the people. I’m an avid reader and thinker of thoughts, so there will probably be some philosophizing and reflecting.

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