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Poem: Christmas Dance

There’s a boy sitting alone 
Rubbing ice cold hands
Opposite of the warmth
Of a fire burning across the room
He’s wondering why he’s here 
Obligation out weighing optimism
Watching individuals couple up
Dancing across the floor
And if the performance is enough
Twirling towards mistake hung high
To dip low for a conquering kiss
They make it seem so easy
When he can’t find words
That he writes so well
Thinking in retrospect
On what would have been done
Faced with the present frozen
More than his hands are
And from this jumbled thoughts
A hand breaks his concentration
A hand attached to a girl
Who is smiling at him
Her eyes attached to his
Instead of reaching for words
He reaches for her
And the words don’t get in the way
As she pulls him into the dance floor

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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