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Poem: Bethleham, PA

When I lived in Bethlehem
Walking in streets paid for by steel
The star of the mountain always shone
Always brightest at Christmas town
The town having lost it’s steel
Giving its way to collapsing houses
And boarded up church doors
Always lit up for Christmas
Weather beaten wreathes
Strings of lights half burned out
Songs from voices still hopeful
That if they emulated their namesake
With enough vigor that like the lord
The jobs and city would comeback
Years on I think it wasn’t the prayers
But curses of a town abandoned
That we’re heard by less than holy ears
In the places of the steel towers
A den of sin arose on the shores
Of the old river garishly lit casinos
Seeking out the souls of the desperate
The star over Bethlehem still shines
High up in its mountain home
But is barely noticed now
By the bright lights of prosperity shining
So much closer to the people 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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