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Poem: Playground of Ghosts

The hours of sunlight have long past
I’m here in the places where nobody comes
Once street lights are on and the kids have gone home
The silence of daylight still echoes here
But I can’t hear it over the memories I’m replaying
In a playground that is filled up with ghosts
Of laughter and fun and of things come undone
When nobody carried who was right or who was wrong
The highest aspiration was just to have a good time
I chased you and you ran laughing from me
I was naive enough to think I could catch you again
As you disappeared like bubbles blown in the wind
And on empty swings I kick my feet towards the moon
Trying to recapture that feeling of you
Even when I know nothing can come close
To those late summer days when the sun never set
Now in the doldrums of winter waiting for day
Where the dreams won’t come to take you away
I play by myself with my imaginary friend
Holding on to memories  as the last thing I have
Of you and of the games we used to play
When things weren’t so complicated as they seem
To be for me anymore in these hours that pass
With nothing but longing for a love that didn’t last

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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