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Poem: Winter Blanket

Snow falls in sheets
Absorbing all the sounds
Not that a word is exchanged
Between either of us
As we sit in the cold holding hands
You in your mittens me in my gloves
Watching the white out
Blanket the ground in front of us
Erasing all the ugliness of a city
So often covered in detritus
Blanked out by silently falling precipitation
Like an empty canvas awaiting
An artist’s hand I feel your hand
Warm despite the cold and wonder
Could we be like the snow
Erase what has come before
To paint a beautiful new future
The sadness in your green eyes
Betrays an answer your lips can’t mutter
No snow lasts forever and what lies
Underneath always comes back
No matter how pretty the cover is

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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