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Poem: Parody

I spent so long trying to make you happy
I forgot what my own happiness was
Without trying to please you in the process 
With you I have become a reflection
That dances when you dance and falls
When you fall to the ground 
And from the floor I wait wondering
When will you pick us back up again
Because I don’t remember how to get up
On my own any more from all the strings
That tie me to you like a marionette 
At least though a puppet has purpose
Bring our joy in manufactured movements
I’m not sure what my purpose is anymore
Following each of your movements in turn
Each one you’re more indifferent towards
Until I’m spinning to spin because of you
Not for you and not for me
At this point I’m doing it still 
Because I don’t know what would happen 
If I stopped 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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