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Poem: Becoming a Marylander

Between the tides of the Chesapeake
And the muddy waters of the Potomac
Seedlings cast from an old world
Seeking out new fertile soil to grow
Out beyond the constraints of a crown
Where freedom watered their souls
And the roots of a blooming family tree 

Over centuries the roots ran deep 
Threading in fields of Black-eye Susan
Under dusty fields of flowering tobacco
Rising up from an indentured servant
Who found love with a political exile
Two refugees growing beyond immigrants
Into citizen founders of a developing nation

In the land keeping the name of a Queen
Fertilized by waters named by native people 
Children became parents became Americans
The multitude thriving in the adversity
Where a generation was pruned by war
Brothers in conflict holding the old line 
Under the orioles watchful eye

In turmoil and tranquility family persisted
Raised in churches our forefathers built
Spending weekends with knife and hammers
Poised around conversation of blue crabs
Nourishing both stomach and soul
When stories are passed around the table
Of how the meal was handed down to now

Here with feet in fields now fallow
If I dig my hands in deep enough
I can feel the roots still there
Connecting me to the land
The struggles that it created
And the bounties it rendered
Here in my home of Maryland

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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