Poem: Pilgrim

A fair pilgrim set off into the North
To a distant sacred place far from home
Where Saint Jude and his lost causes went forth
In the dark wilds he found himself alone
In those places where no good souls should roam
With nothing to protect him except faith
From lost spirits and rageful hell wraiths

Whispering aloud prayers to find their way
To his heart slowly turning to cold ice
With evil confronting he would not sway
From his sworn path to god at any price
He shouted condemning the devil thrice
Back to their place of eternal torment
Where unlike he those souls could not repent

This week’s experimental poem is a Rhyme Royal consisting of seven 10-syllable lines, rhyming ABABBCC. You can read more about this poetry form by clicking here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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