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Poem: Reflections in the Window

There’s a great many things changing
As the weather grows colder
In the PNW it grows wetter
With great stretching grey days
That seem to reach towards forever
And we’re drinking coffee to stay warm
Trying to stave off the blues
That want to wrap around our hearts
While we talk about the desert
Of human tragedy on the streets
A mix of all of our failings of a society
Our collective neurosis soothed
By illicit drugs that course red and hot
As they burn us out quicker
Than a candle lit at both ends
The body smolders under newspaper
We say isn’t that a shame
Absent solutions we avoid the shame
To talk about the weather shivering
In our heavy black coats thankful
That it’s them and not us as we wait
Always on that precipice for the other shoe
To fall that would leave us in similar company
For today though we hold our cups tightly
Like a child’s blanket keeping us safe
From the fate of those on the other side
Of the glass looking in as reflections
Ghost of what could of or still can be

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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