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Poem: Abstract Song

Sitting in the bed she watches
Him move naked across the room
Smile on her lips and buzzing in her head
She picks up her blue guitar and strums
A melody coming before the words
Feeling the vibrations against her bare chest
Aligning with her breathing and beating heart
The verses slowly bubble up to the surface
Like feelings trying to be contained escaping
Inspiration doesn’t always from obvious places 
Sometimes it comes from secrets
That she’ll lock away for other days
When the man who made her scream is gone
And she’s back with a man who makes her scream
In anger instead of pleasure who doesn't know
About this evening or the song she’s writing
In early morning about a stranger hidden
Away in guitar strings and abstract words
Giving nothing away as she gives nothing away
To keep a relationship she doesn’t want
That gives her what she wants in stability
The safe and boring that keeps her sane
But as his naked form returns to bed
Giving herself over to insanity looks so good

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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