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Poem: Comfortable

We kicked our feet on swings
That protested more than we did
As they kept the motion perpetually
While we were running out of energy
An almost imperceptible drifting
Out of synch and in different directions
In the way that things that feel natural do
We got too comfortable with the mundane 
Going through the motions to keep moving
Expecting the other to continue to do the same
Never realizing we were both thinking of other things
Both searching for something to make us feel
That spark of life again like we felt initially

Here we keep our secrets to keep our comfort
Did we find reprieve in another’s arms
Or more mundane things like staying out
Drinking with friends more than we intended
Then shouting when the accusation fly
Ignoring the illusion of ourselves reflected
Also stepping out in some other way 
So we keep pretending that this is all okay
Until someone gets the courage to stop

Feet down on the swing you state you’re done
There will be mild protesting to keep on
None of it really heartfelt the words hallow
Barely hiding their thankful tone
That one of us had the courage to say
What we were both feeling

Maybe I’ll keep swinging trying to hang on
To the good memories as I watch you walk away
Before putting my own feet down
Content that it’s really done and that it’s time
For the search to begin for another playground

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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