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Poem: Desperation Days

Thursdays are desperation days
So close to the weekend they entice
To behavior better saved for Friday nights
I’m laying here half naked and half awake
Listening to breathing that’s not my own
Thinking maybe I made another mistake
While I’m trying to plan my escape
With words like you’re a lovely person
Of course I’ll perhaps give you a call
It was a wonderful time after all
Why do I do this time and again
It’s because I’m trying to fill a hole
That you once fit in that empty space
And nothing seems to fit quite right
At this point I think I’ve worn the edges
To the point that you wouldn’t fit right
Even if you did come back to see
The ruin that I’ve brought into myself
By these moments of clarity lying
In sheets twisted it up from passion
Of a momentary reprieve that leaves
Despair and regret the cornerstones
Holding up these desperation days  

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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