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Poem: Swim

Summer is coming around again
Reminding me of your time of leaving
Packing suitcase full of memories
To hang on a dorm room wall
Where they hang until they’re covered
By new pictures of new people
Obscuring the faces of those left behind
Meanwhile on my wall hanging
Next to my mirror is your smile
So that when I see me I see you
Giving me hope that you’re thinking of me
In between classes and study groups
Keg parties and meaningless kisses
That I try not to think about 
But there’s no doubt
You’re out there living your best life
While I’m just trying to live life
Holding onto hope like a life raft
That will keep my head above water
Long enough for you to come back to find me
I’m here treading water but I’m getting tired
Should have learned to swim in my own
Because when it gets to be too much
I think about letting go
Then I look in the mirror and see
Myself with your smile next to me
So I keep holding on from one day to the next
Where it ends I don’t know 
I swim on to keep breathing
Kicking up waves sending out an SOS
That never reaches the shore
Lonely and alone I hope for the best
Though I am really ready for a rest

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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