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Poem: Careening Towards the Finish

Time is like the slide
we climbed on the old playground
from the top the bottom seemed
         far away
until we were careening towards
        the end
where the ride seems to finish
much quicker than we thought it would
       over before it even begins

A poem using “careen” from Lillian’s dVerse quadrille prompt today.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


16 thoughts on “Poem: Careening Towards the Finish

  1. Ah you write of something so very true! In some ways, I think about life in this way too…..when I was young, 50, 65, 70 seemed so old, 80 seemed ancient and so VERY far away. Now in my seventh decade, the days and years seem to pass so quickly as the path ahead is much shorter now.
    So glad you posted to the prompt.
    PS: I always felt this way about rides at amusement parks as well!

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